About Me

By the grace of God, I am a born again Evangelical with a reformed view of soteriology and pre-mil, pre-trib escathology. Born in Eastern Europe, trained in United States; having a vantage point of view of both cultures. I have a good grasp of history of philosophy, but with a critical approach. I love history, biographies, and more than anything else the Bible in the large context of the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Greco-Roman civilizations, including the particular context of every book and chapter. I major in the theology of Romans, which is foundational for the New Testament theology, presenting salvation from God’s perspective. The most elaborate expression of the doctrines of grace is in the Romans epistle.

I run on a regular basis with my family. We love all nationalities. Nevertheless, at the top is appreciation for my own nation and the American people- the most heroic of all. We have Japanese friends (we love sushi 🙂 ). Mexican food and Italian dishes are among our favorites which we cook at home.
I reject the pop culture which is Neopagan, including its music, as well as Christian rock music which is a heresy and an oxymoron. We like folk music of different nationalities with no occult overtones.



  1. Regeneration is essential for a true Christian.
    “Born again” means “born from above: a work initiated and fully performed by our blessed Triune God. Dear brother Paul, I’ll study with spiritual insight your postings and I pray the Lord bless your effort and make it fruitful, to His eternal glory. I warmly greet all your dear family, including your brothers, sisters and in-laws. God bless you.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I appreciate very much your willingness to seek God’s truth and share it with others.

    Two questions: On The Shepherd’s Fellowship website (John MacArthur’s fellowship of churches) you are listed as a home church in vista. Can you tell me more about this? I’m having a really, really hard time finding a ‘church home’ in the North San Diego area, as there are so many unbiblical things going on in churches today, its unbelievable: legalism, emergent church, meditative prayer, interfaith groups, partnering with U.N. and FEMA, etc., besides doctrinal issues.

    Can you explain how “Christian rock music is a heresy and how it has occult overtones”. I’ve heard that before, but when I listen to David Crowder or Hillsong, I cannot see anything wrong with it, but only very worshipful, God-honoring music. What am I missing? Do you know of any articles that will explain this? In other things I feel the Lord has given me much discernment, but I’m just not seeing this.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Virginia,

      Thanks for your comments. Right now I’m working on a blog about pop culture and rock music. I will send the link to you in a month or so.

      Pastor Paul Dan

      • I am reading your paper. You would be interested to know that I go to a Vineyard church. I would very much love to talk with you and find out what specifically happens in a culture that is entrenched in mysticism since you came from a country like that and got to experience it firsthand. I have many other comments and questions but it would be too lengthy to go into here. Tell me how to converse with you further.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve never thought finding you here…. strange, very strange to figure out that “there” are registered over 3,800 neo-protestant churches… but it is a huge country…. and here, after the 90s, all that brothers visitors desiring to illuminate us brought so many “novelties” besides our own church burden of “informer brothers”… do you know what I mean? I am very disappointed and lonely…. but grateful I’m saved…
    God bless you and your family, Rori (or sister Victoria)

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