From Mysticism to the Gospel

Hello! Welcome to my blog. First I would like to address the mystics. I invite them to combine curiosity and courage, and read the essay posted on the blog. I welcome their comments. I also encourage all others to probe into the posted essay which deals with a mystical phenomenon that engulfs all forms of Christianity, regardless of doctrinal positions or denominational stand. What you will discover is something that flew under the radar of many pastors, theologians, or schools of theology.  I appreciate your comments on the subject.

As a side note to the reader: subjective, insufficiently researched, and mischevious comments will not make it on the blog. I am for hot debates, but within the limits of Christian ethics and civility.


  1. Very attractive website!
    The graphic layout of your manuscript is very professional!
    God’s wisdom and Grace in your ministry!

    • Thank you Holly! I invite you to express some of your findings. I know you are an avid researcher.

  2. Hi Dan, thanks for visiting my weblog. I’m not convinced that you read my post though. Seemed like you wanted to correct my views, but in reading the first quarter of your paper, it doesn’t seem to speaking to what I was speaking to.

  3. Hi Rod,
    First of all thank you for digging up this very old piece of Romanian music: Bela Bartok was a Hungarian who refined Romanian folk music.

    On the other hand, I read some of your posts from your blog. You are a very keen observer of nature, it seems to be that you almost worship it. In what you do, you are poetic and philosophical to a certain extent. The best word would be you are a ‘mild mystic’. In your self-disclosed profile you said that you like this book: “The Contemplative Pastor”, which is a precisely Neomystic book. The author is Eugene H. Peterson, a blatant liberal and Neomystic who dishonored the Bible by his notorious translation called “The Message”. Peterson, in the book you like, transfers a lot of concepts from Annie Dillard, a New Age occultist.
    In closing I want to say that I appreciate you reading through a quarter of my work, and I just suggest that if you want, read the whole thing. There’s a wealth of information there on mysticism, starting with Plato, of which you may not be aware of.


  4. Hi Paul, thanks for your response. I’ll keep reading your book! AND…
    I just noticed that I called you Dan in my last comment. Don’t know why I did that. So sorry.

    • Rod,
      I appreciate your reasonableness. Keep in touch. It’s okay to call me either Paul or Dan. My first name is Paul.
      With appreciation,
      Paul Dan

  5. Dear Paul,

    A friend just introduced my to your material, so I’m just getting started. I’ve been researching the Gnostic mysticism of the Contemplative and Emerging movements for almost three years now. Your material is so helpful, and your expertise obvious. Thanks for sharing it with the world that cares.

    Pastor Gregory Allen

    • Pastor Allen,
      Thanks for your kind words. I invite you to post in a nutshell on this blog, some of your findings.
      With high regards,
      Pastor Paul Dan

  6. Paul, I read your and think it’s right on. My wife Linda & I have recently left a church that has turned to THE KINGDOM NOW, SUPER APOSTLE movement.

    I had a part in starting the church some years ago, I stepped down as senior pastor because God called me as an evangelist full time. My successor was doing great, but wanted to see more manifestations of power. I tried to convince him or the error in his thinking but to no avail. He now follows a man by the name of Bill Johnson out of Redding California.

    These people seek experiences, not the Lord Jesus Christ in their blindness. What do you think will happen next to them as a result.

  7. imi puteti da adresa de mail? nu stiu pe unde sa o caut la mine in casuta…

  8. God Bless You!

  9. dear pastor paul dan,
    I sent an email to your patristic email address
    I am hoping you can still access it
    thank you,

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